About TXG Capital

Our mission at TXG Capital is to grow portfolios of purpose based companies through real estate and financial services. We expand the portfolios of these companies, highlighting organizations that excel operationally, serve a need, and create unmatched customer experiences while maintaining stewardship of environmental and social initiatives.

Conscious Capitalism

Conscious capitalism is an important part of the business strategy at TXG Capital. It builds on the foundation of capitalism (voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, rule of law, and freedom to trade), and expands it with four pillars: higher purpose, conscious culture, conscious leadership, and stakeholder orientation, the combination of which yields conscious capitalism.   

Our vision is thriving businesses that succeed because of their focus on purpose, customer experience, and corporate responsibility. Headed by Ted Rollins, our team of conscious capitalists will create positive customer experiences while outperforming in the areas of economics, environmental preservation, and social stewardship.