8 Actionable Tips for Entrepreneurs

By: Ted Rollins

     1. Incredible Opportunities Can Be Found Anywhere 

Look around you and look everywhere. Make sure to build your network and use it to develop your ideas or to source ideas from.  

2. Know Your Numbers

You must know your numbers inside and out. Integrating the financial performance and metrics of your business into everything you do is a must! If you don’t know how to do that, hire someone who does and learn.

3. Think Globally

Don’t be confined by borders, look globally to find your niche.

“The average global investments of a successful entrepreneur total 1.8 million USD.”

4. Millennipreneurs are on the Rise

BNP Paribas’ 2016 global entrepreneur reports revealed that 5.6 billion USD is the total investable wealth of millennials surveyed. In addition they average eight launched companies with a 35 percent profit margin.

5. Win Your Team Over From the Beginning

Build a Smart Tribe. Pick great team members, then develop and invest in them.  Provide them with an environment they can flourish in. Only 16 percent of millennials see themselves with their current employers a decade from now. Invest in your employees early, especially if you employ millennials, to show them they have a reason to stick around.

6. Be Balanced in Your Business Practices

Now more than ever consumers are supporting businesses and judging them based on what they do and how they treat people and our planet. It’s up to company leaders to instill balanced values into the core of the company’s culture, which consist of the three P’s: People, Planet and Prosperity. 

“Only 57 percent of millennials believe business leaders are committed to improving society.” 

7. Focus on Solving a Need

As an entrepreneur or start-up, make sure your ideas are innovative and can add value to people’s lives by addressing a genuine need.

8. Stay Focused, Be Persistent and Believe in What You Are Doing

The best ideas in the world still require the focus and persistence of their founder. This is a journey that you must believe in and never stop until you have made it successful. It is a windy path and you can never take “No” for an answer.

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Ted W. Rollins, Founding Partner and Executive Chairman of Valeo Groupe, is a seasoned real estate entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in real estate investment banking, development, structured finance, start-up businesses and construction. He is focused on niche opportunity investing in both real estate and financial service sectors, particularly those that balance economic, environmental and social outcomes. Follow @TedWRollins on Twitter or find him on LinkedIn

Ted Rollins Chairman of Watercrest Group

This month, Ted Rollins has announced his involvement with Watercrest Group, a vertically integrated senior housing company focused on assisted living in the USA. Rollins will serve as chairman of Watercrest Group, bringing his considerable experience with property management to provide unmatched value for seniors in memory care across America. 

Rollins is thrilled to pursue this partnership, saying "This is an excellent opportunity to partner with a best in class operator and bring our experience as developers and constructors of properties to the national roll out of Watercrests’ two primary brands. The market for seniors is strong, and combined with this platform and our prudent use of capital, we anticipate solid returns for both the company and its partners for many years to come."

Victories for the Environmental Defense Fund, 2014-2015

As a member of the Environmental Defense Fund, Ted Rollins is excited to announce EDF’s victories for the 2014-2015 year, which include:

1.     Helping China shift from coal to cleaner energy.

China is one of the largest (and most polluted) countries in the world. As a manufacturing giant, they produce an enormous percentage of the world’s goods. EDF has helped them shift the manufacturing policies, lowering air pollution.

2.     Getting the Colorado River Delta a drink.

The Colorado River Delta has been dry for years, because the Colorado River is the main water source for many western states. The delta flourished with this quick sip of water, and this progress makes EDF hopeful about future plans to restore the delta.

3.     More fish species move from the “avoid” to “enjoy” list. 

The fish are back! Some of the most depleted species are now on the rise with the help of sustainable fishing programs like the one described in Cuba.

4.     Clean Air Law passed in Court. 

A law designed to protect residents from coal and oil fired power plant pollution was passed this year with the help of the EDF.

5.     Toxins are removed from household items. 

Following pressure from the EDF, several large manufacturing companies are phasing out toxic chemicals from household products. 

Ted Rollins and the Environmental Defense Fund

As a committed ecopreneur, Ted Rollins spends time making sure his companies give back to the environment. What makes Rollins different, however, is that he gives back to the environment beyond what helps him personally. Rollins is a member of the Environmental Defense Fund, and sits on a board that helps provide solutions for today’s environmental problems. They characterize themselves as an organization that “protects natural systems while benefitting people”. Rollins recently attended the regional board meeting to discuss ongoing projects for EDF. In this series, we will explore the kinds of things that Ted Rollins supports through EDF, beginning with the new Cuba Initiative.

The goal for the Cuba Initiative is to safeguard oceans and build sustainable fisheries. EDF is focusing on rebuilding fisheries that have been depleted and incentivizing fishermen to adopt safer fishing practices. They will set science-based catch limits which will ensure safe harvesting without total depletion, and hope to create a model for small scale fisheries across the world. They also plan to launch an initiative to help discourage shark fishing, a practice that is endangering the species as a whole.

Relations between US and Cuba are at an all time high, so EDF hopes to use this opportunity to expand scientific exchange and conserve Cuba’s maritime and coastal environments.