4 Pillars: TXG and Conscious Capitalism

Conscious capitalism is an enormous part of TXG Capital's mission. Conscious capitalism has four main pillars: higher purpose, conscious leadership, conscious culture, and stakeholder orientation. But what does that mean exactly? 

Higher purpose means that a company focuses on something besides a profit. For Mr. Rollins and TXG Capital, that purpose is sustainability and community outreach. TXG Capital is about investing in companies that have something besides the bottom line in mind: companies with a higher purpose. 

Conscious leadership is about the leaders within the company, in this case, Mr. Rollins. Mr. Rollins has shown with his involvement in other companies that he is willing to come into work every day, put aside the "me", and focus on the "we". The best leaders are stewards of others first, and this is something that Mr. Rollins strives to achieve every day. 

Conscious culture is a little bit different. This refers to the atmosphere and interaction between members of the company. These are the values and principles that make up the culture of the company. Conscious culture creates an environment of trust and respect for companies, increasing their effectiveness and making the workplace more accessible. 

The final pillar of conscious capitalism is stakeholder orientation. Stakeholder orientation focuses on creating an effective business community, creating and optimizing value for stakeholders.