TXG Capital, Ted Rollins, and Sustainability

As a real estate developer, Ted Rollins is no stranger to the current state of the environment. However, development and sustainability often present a conflict of interest. Rollins refuses to compromise the environment in any way, and his commitment to conscious stewardship of the environment has lead him to maintain a fine balance between development and sustainability.

Rollins' commitment to eco-friendliness extends far beyond his involvement with TXG Capital. As the CEO and co-founder of Campus Crest Communities, Rollins led countless initiatives to improve the environment. He installed solar panels on the buildings in his apartment complexes, focused on keeping the water in the surrounding areas clean and healthy, and headed countless recycling programs. He was involved in the Clear Water Initiative as well as the Institute of Built Environment, and took the practices that he learned through his involvement with these organizations and implemented them in his business. Rollins is a true conscious capitalist, and TXG Capital will maintain his commitment to sustainability.