TXG Capital and the Ideal Candidate

TXG Capital is interested in companies that combine profitability with sustainability. However, there are a few more qualities that TXG is looking for in their ideal investment candidate. These include:

Companies that are involved in a residential real estate niche. This can include any sort of real estate niche, but TXG is focused on companies that focus on development. As CEO of Campus Crest Communities, Rollins has many years of experience growing and expanding businesses in this market. 

Companies that offer financial services. Now, "financial services" is a fairly broad definition. However, what TXG would find idea is a company that has been developed vertically. The vertically integrated business model is one that controls all of the activities that create and maintain the consumer experience. At Campus Crest Communities, the company owned a development company that would find the land, the demolition company to build the apartments, the supply company that would supply the materials, owned the management company that would manage the property, had the assets to finance the property, and therefore controlled everything within that continuum. 

Though these attributes would greatly benefit investments, TXG Capital is open to all businesses that feel a commitment to sustainability as well as the creation of capital. Contact us today at for more information.