Ted Rollins and the Triple Bottom Line

Ted Rollins’ business plan can be divided into three main initiatives: people, the planet, and prosperity. These three initiatives create Rollins’ triple bottom line, or the three things that must be present in order for a business to be deemed successful.


Ted Rollins has always been committed to making people his priority. In addition to developing personal relationships with the residents of his developments, Rollins is involved in giving back to his community. He spearheaded a program called “Holiday Angel”, designed to go into rural communities and provide assistance to those in need at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Before starting this initiative, he asked the communities what times of year help would be most beneficial, and therefore tailored his initiative to the specific needs of these communities.


As mentioned before, Ted Rollins was the catalyst for the installation of solar panels in Campus Crest Communities developments. However, his involvement with sustainability extends beyond his businesses. Rollins is a member of the Water Keeper’s Alliance, an advocate of clean water in the US, on the north regional board of the Environmental Defense Fund and the Center for Living Environments and Regeneration.


Above all else, Rollins wishes to foster for both himself and the people that surround him. The combination of his environmental stewardship and his commitment to improving the community shows that Ted Rollins is committed to promoting prosperity across the board.