Ted Rollins, Smart Tribes, and Inflection Points

Every successful businessman knows that there are several revenue markers that require total company reinvention. This kind of complete overhaul often intimidates leaders. This point of change is called an “inflection point”, and it can make or break the institution. An inflection point provides the company with an opportunity to either expand upwardly with growth, or to deteriorate almost completely. In this three-part series, we will explore the changes that Smart Tribes recommends must be made in order to grow a successful company at these inflection points. The first part of this series begins with employees, or the people involved in the company. 


It is no secret that CEOs are preoccupied with scouting talent for their companies. However, constantly scouting new talent is not a beneficial or sustainable business strategy. At an inflection point, it is crucial to frankly examine people who work for the company. You many be asking your employees to make serious changes to their skill sets, identities, or beliefs. You will be asking these employees to become more involved with the business, for them to come earlier, stay later, and be more committed to the goal of the business. As the revenue of the business increases, the CEO will also need to give more and more control to the executives, which can mean complete organizational overhaul.

It is crucial to ask employees to recommit themselves to companies, because an organization is simply a reflection of the people who are a part of it. Every single person in the business must be involved; this is the only way that change will be lasting and effective.