Ted Rollins and Smart Tribes Part 2: Inflection Points and Money

Allocating funds to the areas that need to most growth is an important part of revamping a business during an inflection point. Smart Tribes suggests asking yourself important questions like:

1.     How is the business funded?

2.     Do we need more money in order to expand?

3.     How are departmental budgets created?

4.     How do you account for costs?

5.     Is anyone policing expense reports?

These are the kinds of questions that you’ll need definitive answers to in order to make appropriate changes to move forward with your business expansion. Smart Tribes also suggests that you consider operations of the company, particularly returns on investments and project process. The money side of the inflection point is all about making your business system run as efficiently as possible to both make room for and support new growth. Strategic partners, industry influencers, and key alliances are also important, as well as knowing your company’s relative liquidity.