Ted Rollins and Smart Tribes, Part 3: Inflection Points and Model


Taking a hard look at your business model may be the hardest thing that a businessman has to do when managing an inflection point. It requires looking at where your business started and how your goals for that business have evolved. Smart Tribes recommends looking at looking at these factors:

1.     Growth. How will your organization grow, organically or by acquiring other businesses? This will affect the way you think about your allocation of funds.

2.     Markets. How have your markets been changing? What do your old customers want? What do your new consumers want? What are your competitors doing and how can you do it better? Are your distribution channels still effective?

3.     Long term analysis. What does your company want in the long term? How do you see that working with your current business clients? How strong is your marketing department?

4.     Strategic planning. What is your next business move, and how will it help you to achieve your goals? Is this kind of work sustainable in the long term? Is what you are offering sustainable in the long term, or should you be considering a different product?