Ted Rollins and the Environmental Defense Fund

As a committed ecopreneur, Ted Rollins spends time making sure his companies give back to the environment. What makes Rollins different, however, is that he gives back to the environment beyond what helps him personally. Rollins is a member of the Environmental Defense Fund, and sits on a board that helps provide solutions for today’s environmental problems. They characterize themselves as an organization that “protects natural systems while benefitting people”. Rollins recently attended the regional board meeting to discuss ongoing projects for EDF. In this series, we will explore the kinds of things that Ted Rollins supports through EDF, beginning with the new Cuba Initiative.

The goal for the Cuba Initiative is to safeguard oceans and build sustainable fisheries. EDF is focusing on rebuilding fisheries that have been depleted and incentivizing fishermen to adopt safer fishing practices. They will set science-based catch limits which will ensure safe harvesting without total depletion, and hope to create a model for small scale fisheries across the world. They also plan to launch an initiative to help discourage shark fishing, a practice that is endangering the species as a whole.

Relations between US and Cuba are at an all time high, so EDF hopes to use this opportunity to expand scientific exchange and conserve Cuba’s maritime and coastal environments.