Victories for the Environmental Defense Fund, 2014-2015

As a member of the Environmental Defense Fund, Ted Rollins is excited to announce EDF’s victories for the 2014-2015 year, which include:

1.     Helping China shift from coal to cleaner energy.

China is one of the largest (and most polluted) countries in the world. As a manufacturing giant, they produce an enormous percentage of the world’s goods. EDF has helped them shift the manufacturing policies, lowering air pollution.

2.     Getting the Colorado River Delta a drink.

The Colorado River Delta has been dry for years, because the Colorado River is the main water source for many western states. The delta flourished with this quick sip of water, and this progress makes EDF hopeful about future plans to restore the delta.

3.     More fish species move from the “avoid” to “enjoy” list. 

The fish are back! Some of the most depleted species are now on the rise with the help of sustainable fishing programs like the one described in Cuba.

4.     Clean Air Law passed in Court. 

A law designed to protect residents from coal and oil fired power plant pollution was passed this year with the help of the EDF.

5.     Toxins are removed from household items. 

Following pressure from the EDF, several large manufacturing companies are phasing out toxic chemicals from household products.